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Reviewed in the United States on November 1, 2019
Couldn't be easier! I'm a 120 pound pre-T transboy (so, basically.. female) and was able to carry the box out of the post office, up a flight of stairs and into my apartment by myself. If this is your first bed-in-a-bag (it was for me) place the mattress exactly where you want it, plan where you're going to cut the plastic so as to remove it quickly and be careful to not let your cutting tool get thrown at you. Once the seal breaks, the mattress expands with explosive force and will writhe around inside the wrapping as you're trying to take it off. Admittedly quite fun and satisfying to setup, but I'm an extremely bored person...

I followed the directions and didn't step or lie on the mattress until several hours after fully expanded. When I did I was so happy! It's a little bouncy and definitely feels like a spring mattress, but it's firm enough that I don't feel like I'm sinking which is important because I have scoliosis & arthritis and am currently healing from an abdominal surgery. The texture of the mattress is uniform (no lumps or craters) and surprisingly comfortable even though I currently have it placed directly on the floor.

This is gonna escalate quickly but.. I'm so grateful for this product because I really needed something decent to sleep on during the recovery from my aforementioned surgery, but am so low income that my previous bed was just blankets on the floor. I chose this one in particular because setup could be managed singlehandedly and it was inexpensive for a mattress, but also came with the option to finance it interest-free which made affording it a lot more manageable. Wasn't expecting much, but I'm absolutely blown away by the comfort, quality and value!! A couple weeks in and so far, nights have been restful and relatively pain free. Day 2 post-op and I'm feeling good. I'm supposed to try walking around but my mattress is so cozy! Haha.

Sorry if I got too real for a second there, but this purchase meant more to me than just send money, receive item. It means an affordable, comfortable recovery that I wasn't sure I'd get, so thank you!! So yeah, buy one for yourself willya? You'll be glad you did. Shut up and take my 5 stars.
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