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Reviewed in the United States on October 20, 2019
This case is super cute and very sturdy for the price. I think it's absolutely worth the money, though it's not perfect. It fits what it's advertised to fit very well, if a bit snugly. I like the snug fit, I feel the Switch is very secure in the case, but I also worry that it puts some stress on the joysticks with how snugly it fits. I do have the Funlab Pokeball thumb grips so that makes my joysticks a little larger and they DO fit, just very snugly.

The strap that the case comes with is also sturdy and can be adjusted quite a bit. I attached some pictures of it in the shortest and longest lengths. At the shortest it wears like a purse, hanging just above my hips. At the longest it hangs to my knees (though I'm only 5'3" so it would likely hang higher on a taller person). Either way it's comfortable and how I would carry the case out and about. Though I also appreciate the handle between the suspenders for easily toting the case around a room.

My biggest complaint is that this isn't designed to fit the pro controller. I can jam my pro controller into the joy-con grip slot, but it puts a lot of stress on the pro controller's joysticks and I wouldn't want to leave it there for an extended amount of time. However, this is foam, so the case could be easily cut and modified to fit the pro controller nicely. Given that, I don't think that should be a deal breaker for anyone considering the case. (EDITING TO ADD: Funlab reached out to let me know they're listening to that feedback and redesigning the foam to accommodate the pro controller. I'm really impressed that they listen to customers like that! I look forward to the new design.)

Another downside is the case is only designed to hold 14 physical games. That's not a lot considering the size of the case, there is enough room inside the case that I wish they'd added an extra sleeve in the lid to accommodate more games. You could put some more into the zippered pocket, but then they'd be loose in there. At least you could do that if you didn't mind, but if you don't want your games loose in a pocket and want to bring more than 14 games you may need to bring another case just for games. I was able to fit a burly HDMI cable into the case, so there is some extra room to play with, you might be able to fit an additional thin sleeve or case for games in there.

I do own the smaller version of the case in the Luigi style, and personally I prefer that one because it's smaller and easier to carry around. However, that's just my personal preference. If you don't mind the case being a little larger it is a much better solution if you carry the dock around frequently. It's also easier to sling over a shoulder than the small case (which I usually toss into a backpack).

-Design is eye-catching and adorable
-Sturdy and durable
-Fits the Switch, dock, joy-con grip + extra joy-cons, joy-con straps, cords, and games snugly and securely
-Has an adjustable strap for easy carrying

-Can't fit a pro controller easily (though modifications could be made easily, EDIT: AND they are redesigning the case!)
-Only holds 14 games
-It's a little large
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