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December 8, 2017
So, I had been looking for a new Clutch/Long Wallet for quite some time before I finally settled on this one. I needed something functional. Something pretty. And something that could hold all my stuff (cards, money, receipts...ect) but, in an organised fashion. This little marvel has twenty slot for all your cards to fit snuggly into and I do mean snug. I Don't fear my cards or anything else falling out when I open it. There are also two deep zip pouches that are great for your bills and coins. I personally use one for my money and the other for receipts and business cards. A pretty decent sythentic leather makes up the body of the wallet, though it's not the best in my opinion, but, it's not that bad either. The material quickly wrinkles and gives the wallet a very used look. Is that how sythentic leather works? I don't know. I personally have never own anything made from sythentic leather let alone real leather, so, this could be just how the material reacts to everyday use. Still, the wallet is well made and durable.The wallet also encompasses RFID tech, which I love, so no more worrying if someone will steal my card info and wipe my accounts clean. This wallet also has a sythentic leather detachable wrist strap that I found slightly uncomfortable and scratchy when around my wrist. But, like I said, it's detachable. Last, therer are two button clasp that secure the wallet making sure it doesn't open until needed. Unfortunately one of them ( the top strap button clasp) came apart after my second use. Not a big deal as I feel that feature is a little over kill and annoying as it flops around and just generally gets in the way when rooting around the inside of the wallet. All in all I feel that for the price, you are getting a very durable, very secure Clutch/Wallet even with the minor flaws. 4 stars and highly recommend.
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