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Reviewed in the United States on November 13, 2018
Wow! After all the hype I was super disappointed in this film. Here’s why: the CG sucked & was extremely sub par for a marvel universe film. The soundtrack was terrible! I love African tribal drums & a really good opportunity was wasted here with what came out to be mostly generic orchestration. The fight choreography was lack-luster. The plot wasn’t very good either. So many plot elements did not make sense for certain characters. Also it was sad to see so many African American actors butcher their African accents. Would have been good to bring in a vocal coach for those that needed it. All in all this film was not very engaging but seemed to be full of deep symbolism - which made it very off balance. It could have been a cultural masterpiece (like the Lion King) but what we got was a B-movie production with an A-movie budget. While this was not the worst marvel film it was definitely the most overrated & should not have won so many awards & nominations.
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