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Reviewed in the United States on July 21, 2018
I thought that this vinyl pressing was pretty impressive; especially for the low price I paid and how old this recording is and the fact they used a Digital Master..... The first song on side one Gimme Shelter was somewhat week and actually sounded to me like it's coming from a different master tape or was produced by a different recording engineer with alternate tastes..It sounds to me like it has a somewhat diminished sound stage, less presence and more withdrawn than the rest of the album...It might be that the original analog tape was just not in as good condition for that song and so more processing was needed to bring the song up to par with the rest of the album..., After all it is an older recording and I'm pretty sure some restoration was needed somewhere down the line.... but other wise the rest of the album is very clean clear and musical...with adequate air detail presence and timing.
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