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June 10, 2018
Having never played a Kirby game before, I actually really enjoyed this game. I am a huge Mario fan, and I love gaming, so I thought I'd give this little guy a try. Some have complained that it's too easy or just for kids, but for me, I think it's just right, and I'm 24. True, you can never really "die" like you might in a Mario game, and there's no time limit, but when you fall off or hit an enemy you do lose jewels and stars, which costs you points for the level. I also like how you can decorate your own little house with the furniture you find. Plus, Kirby is freaking adorable, and the little narrated storyline is fun and cute. I love all the different things Kirby can do in his yarn form, and all the worlds are really well done in regards to art. Difficulty-wise, it's as difficult as you want to make it. If your goal is just to make it to the end of the level, then it's easier. But if you want to collect all the jewels and prizes for Kirby, and explore all the hidden areas, then it takes longer and is more challenging. Also, the bosses get progressively more difficult as you go along. At one point, I was even stumped enough on one boss that I had to search for a strategy guide online. xD The music is fun and cheerful too. If you're into cute things and Mario or Kirby games in general, I think you'll enjoy this.
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