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August 16, 2019
I do a little bit of computer work on the side and had a good flow coming from a buddy that would do the auction thing and purchase a crapload of laptops/desktops on a pallet. I would upgrade to the furthest extent each laptop or desktop, and then install fresh copies of latest OS and office, and Of all the computers I have done over the years this ssd has been the best performing and lasting. it's pretty consistent on transfers either internal or through the bus. It will when given the opportunity, saturate the bus when transferring to other ssds or drives. I have only had two go bad and this, I don't believe is even the companies fault. Both I believe were due to power surges as one had other components go when the power went out and subsequently back on and off several times. The other was from a fellow using an incorrect power supply on a laptop that wasn't even designed for it, let alone provided the necessary current. It ended up causing the laptop to overheat and ultimately took out the drive and made the cpu throttle, overheat most the time in use until the battery would literally die while it was still plugged in. Either way, this drive is not only a great value, it uses that 3d nand and it actually is TLC that is usually the type i would purchase anyways. It of course isn't as endurant as far as total writes or terabytes written till failure. But if you had the choice between sometimes twice the price or twice the capacity for the price, would you choose the samsung or the adata... I ultimately chose the latter. It has yet to fail me just on manufacturing process or other physical imperfections.

Always make sure you have a surge protector between the devices you actually want to keep using and the wall.
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