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July 30, 2018
Very easy setup. Video quality both daytime and night time is superb. I do have mine set to HD, not auto. The 920nm IR is excellent - no "red lights" glaring across the room at night! The camera does NOT have to be connected to wifi/internet to record video to the SD card (major plus compared to other indoor cameras). I didn't like the bright white of the stands, cords or chargers. I used Rust-Oleum flat blank spray paint to spray the stand and the charger. The camera can be removed from the stand by depressing the locking clips on the right and left side of the camera body. If you paint the charger use masking tape to cover the usb slot and the outlet plugs. I purchased 10 foot black USB to microUSB cords to replace the 6' white cords. With the stands, cords, charger and the camera all black, it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb when sitting on the top of a bookshelf, dining room hutch or other place to secret a camera. I would suggest purchasing a battery backup like the TalentCell Rechargeable 12V 3000mAh DC Lithium Ion Battery Pack (sold on amazon) so that if the power goes out, your cameras will still work. I don't like paying for the cloud storage solution Yi offers, so I'm only using 32gb micro SD cards in the cameras. Two drawbacks to these cameras, and these kept the camera from getting 5 stars from me: 1) the video on the SD card does not get written with a date/time stamp on the video itself. 2) the file size is 1 min long (approx 4.5mb) on the SD card. A friend of mine, who is a criminal defense attorney, said this would be a problem if you tried to use the video in court. the defense can always claim, rightly so, that the video does NOT show when the event happened and that the video would have to be edited together to view the full context of the event. Other than the date/time stamp issue, I highly recommend these cameras!
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