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Reviewed in the United States on February 24, 2020
Cons: Roast only goes to 395 so if your recipe requires a higher temperature then you will need to add more time for cooking. When the timer goes off it does switch to KEEP WARM but only for 2 hours. With other slow cookers I have unlimited time on warm and didn’t need to worry about rushing home after work to reset warm function.
Pros: Delayed timer is a big bonus. I have delayed my meals for up to two hours which helps me get back before the Keep Warm setting turns off. Also great for those who do not have a delayed cook time on your oven. For example I was baking chicken shawarma and was able to set it on roast and delay the start time by 30 minutes and it was done by the time I got the kids back from their music lessons. The other big pro is that you can brown your ground meat or sear your meat right in the pot or thicken your sauce at the end. No extra pan or stovetop required. This is the main reason I bought this unit and it works perfectly for this. However, the drawback to sauté and browning is that you can’t use the slow cooker liners to minimize the mess. The actual pot is very lightweight and it is easy to clean. It is rectangular and I was worried the slow cooker liners wouldn’t fit, but they do. It was confusing to use at first but there is an instructional manual to refer to until you put the steps to memory. Overall, a great slow cooker that I probably will only use for roasting, sautéing/browning, and slow cooking., but still well worth the money for those 3 types of cooking.
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4.3 out of 5
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