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Reviewed in the United States on April 1, 2018
Works for me! I included 2 pics of the Vitamins shampoo bottle for actual ingredients. Will upload pics of my hair soon.

Several months ago, I noticed the part in the middle of my hair forming a quickly widening gap from my forehead to the top to my crown (about the width of a finger). I was surprised how fast! It wasn't there 3 months ago. I never see any hair laying around anywhere in the shower, sink, pillow, etc - NEVER, not even a strand. So I wanted to stop the loss if I could, so I bought the Vitamins shampoo and then started using it back on 02/07/2018, and it's now 04/01/2018 (1 month, 3 weeks) and I notice a big difference, and feel it a bit more density all around between my fingers as a I run them through.

The gap now seems to be more than roughly halfway repaired with new regular-density hair - not tiny downy ones. (I'll post pics soon). From what I understand, my hair loss is probably caused by too much DHT (I'm 49 yo and in good shape, eat well, exercise, sleep well, and haven't added any DHT-blocking food to my diet). DHT suffocates the hair follicles, causing baldness. It can be reversed for the most part, though genetics, health, etc. play a role.

It leaves my hair as nice as what I was using before (Fructis 2-in-1 for normal hair), if not just a tad bit heavier than the Fructis. I use Vitamins every day in the morning without fail. I leave it on for 3-4 minutes while I body scrub, then use a little styling gel and blow dry. That's it.

The shampoo does NOT make me lose more hair. It hasn't made my head itch, and a matter of fact, the top of my scalp never itches at all now (used to itch here and there). I never had dandruff, nor do I now using Vitamins. It hasn't made my hair feel oily, though it does feel that way when applying and lathering. It doesn't smell bad in any way, nor can I smell it after my hair is dry. None of the women I know have ever asked if I changed shampoo, and none have noticed hair loss. Yes, I have a few who run their fingers through my hair. All good in the hood baby :)

HERE IS WHAT I CONSUME DAILY for supplements in the MORNING, so maybe these will help you too with your hair loss (all powder form with no taste). This is based on my body weight and height (European-American, 5'11, 190 lbs) and may be different for you. All of these supplements are perfectly fine for females as well (check factual science-based research and physicians before taking if you're pregnant): ******* 5 grams L-Arginine, 5 grams L-Citruline, 5 grams L-Glutamine, Micronized Creatine (micro is easier on stomach...amount depends on how much you exercise)....mix all powders into 30mg of protein powder and water (or milk, etc). I taste none of the supplements in the drink. I then take the following in gummy form as I drink and eat (pill is fine too, but I'm kinda a kid and they taste like candy): 1 multi-vitamin; 2,000 mg B3; 2,000 mg Biotin; 200 mg CoQ10 enzyme; Ocuvite eye health; Zinc (10 - 30 mg depending on what I fee like). I'll be adding Vitamin E and some fish oil as well soon.

My EVENING supplements are always 2,000 B3, and whatever else I wanna pop in from the collection. I live in Seattle, and have no real way to collect Vitamin B naturally, so supplementing that a couple times a day helps A LOT.

I don't take any other supplements during the day, but do consume another couple basic protein drinks here and there.
I won't bore you with my workout supplements, which are basically a smaller combination of the aforementioned stuff, plus some EVL amino acids.

Feel free to reach out to me if you want, and maybe I can be of more help somehow.
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