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November 10, 2018
After buying into the "grain-free" poppycock and having two dogs with DCM on TOTW, I kept my new pup on PPP, which is also what her breeder feeds.
Studies are showing dogs on some grain-free formulas are getting DCM in greater numbers, even breeds not genetically predisposed. While grain-free per se is probably not the culprit, researchers believe it may have something to do with the legumes and potatoes the dog food companies added instead of more meat, to keep the protein levels up but costs down. These ingredients are suspected to possibly reduce the amount of taurine available to the dog, thereby causing or exacerbating heart disease. Note: If this is accurate, adding taurine to foods with legumes and potatoes would be moot, which is how some companies have responded.
Purina uses nutritionists and their own feeding trials rather than copying others, as smaller companies do. I would not recommend ALL their formulas, but this Pro Plan puppy is excellent, producing shiny coat and small stools.
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