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Reviewed in the United States on November 11, 2017
Take it from me, you do not want this mattress. The inner cover surrounding the memory foam is constructed from a fiber glass cloth. I had this mattress for just a little over 2 years. I removed the zippered outer cover to wash it and shortly afterwards I started to find short strands of fiberglass all through out my entire apartment. It destroyed my new washing machine and i also noticed some of it embedded in my skin.There is no real way to clean the thousands, if not millions of fibers from your belongings. I called someone to come haul it away a week ago and have been attempting to clean up the millions of fibers of glass ever since. I have not made very much progress, though I have spent hours each day on my cleaning efforts. The glass does not begin to come out of the mattress until the inner cover begins to break down, in my case it took less than 2 years of regular sleeping use. I have tried to find a replacement memory foam mattress for my bed but have not been able to find one without fiberglass listed as a material. If you insist on spending your hard earned money on a memory foam mattress, please try to find one that has less than "100 percent glass fibers" listed on the tag as the material used for the inner mattress cover. Definitely inquire with the manufacturer about all of the included materials beforehand. They do not have to tell you this when marketing this item to the public. Most people just find out the hard way. Please do your research before purchasing any mattress, especially if you have small children. Google "glass fibers in my memory foam mattress" and you will find hundreds of similar complaints. I am looking into purchasing an organic mattress now that I have educated myself on all of the unbelievably dangerous things they use in the manufacturing of nearly all mattresses on the market today. I tried to take photos but found that my camera doesn't have a high enough resolution to capture an image of the fibers. They are pretty hard to see with the human eye unless you shine a light on them.. I only noticed them after my skin began itching which led me to removing the mattress cover, and only after washing my dark colored sheet I noticed every square inch was covered in approx. half inch long, shiny fibers. Please don't make the same mistake as I did. I would not wish this nightmare on my worst enemy.
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