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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on June 21, 2018
I bought the 6 inch mattress. It puffed up to 5.75" in just a couple of hours and has remained there. So I'm happy enough about the width as I saw many complaints that it did not puff up all the way but mine mostly did. It's a firm mattress, but not uncomfortable. I let it air our 2 days before using it and putting bedding on it. During those two days it was in a highly ventilated area and we didn't notice any huge chemical smell, however, when it was moved into my sons room the chemical smell was overwhelming so much so I couldn't feel safe about him sleeping on the bed that night. We opened the window, put a fan in his room and left the door wide open to air it out. The smell will go down if all those measures are taken. Last night was night 6 of the bed being out of the box and it still has a VERY strong chemical smell that I still have to leave the window open, fan on, and door open to the bedroom or the room will be filled with that chemical smell. I'm hoping that it will go away within the month. If the smell does go away then I will up my star level, but for now because we're going on almost a week out of the box and it's still very strong chemical odor I don't want to give great stars. Besides the chemical smell I like the bed, but we shall see if we're able to keep it or not due to the chemical odor smelling toxic for our son to be breathing in all night.

EDIT TO ADD: 21 June, 2018. So it's been just over 3 weeks since my last review and about a month of having the mattress out of the box. We have kept the bedroom well ventilated 20 or so hours of the day a window has been open and a fan on low and with that the smell isn't too bad. This last few days the smell is finally starting to die down. I would say it is about 80% better. If I shut the window, turn off fan, and shut the door the smell will definitely be there but not as horrible like it was a a couple weeks ago. Had we bought this in the winter when we couldn't open windows/fan we would not have done as well. It's been a month and I still have to keep the bedroom door open and everything else to keep the room from smelling toxic...but it is slowly but surely improving. It's annoying. Plus I can reiterate that this bed is a FIRM FIRM FIRM mattress. It's the only bed we allow our kids to jump on just so we can try to wear it down and soften it up, lol.
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