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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on February 22, 2016
I bought this several months ago to use as a network drive accessible from all computers on our home WiFi network (including our Sonos speakers and Smart TV). It works very well for that. However, I wanted to make sure to back up the drive somewhere else at least weekly, but this is where it fails. I attached a portable hard drive via the USB port but ran into problems with the USB drive being "replicated" with a new name any time the My Cloud drive rebooted. So, for example, if my USB drive was named "USB_Drive", after a reboot, it was renamed to "USB_Drive_2", while the original "USB_Drive" would still show up in the drive list but now was an "empty link". If it rebooted again, a new "USB_Drive_3" would be created, and now both "USB_Drive" and "USB_Drive_2" would still be there and link to nothing. Furthermore, scheduled backups (called "SafePoints") of the My Cloud to the USB drive simply did not work. Disappointing.

Their tech support was unable to resolve the issue and so suggested replacing the drive under warranty, which I did. Turns out the new drive they sent me (on which I noticed a sticker saying "Recertified in Vietnam", so likely a refurbished drive) uses a completely different firmware version that changes some significant functionality. In particular, NO MORE SCHEDULED BACKUPS TO THE USB DRIVE. Um, why? I called tech support again, and they just said it is not available in that firmware version. The only option they offered was to send ANOTHER replacement drive, but they could NOT guarantee which firmware version I would get. FYI, my original drive used firmware version 04.04.02-105, while the replacement drive uses 2.11.133. (Why do they have 2 different sets of firmware?) Perplexing.

So, I'm going to stick with this one and do manual backups whenever I remember (which is a less than optimal solution)--for some reason, this firmware version no longer calls them "SafePoints"--just plain old "backups". Oh yeah, here's another piece of functionality they left out of this firmware version: NO MORE "SHUT DOWN" BUTTON. So there's no "safe" way to shut down the device. Just pull the plug and hope the drive doesn't crash (probably a low probability, but why would you remove the "shut down" button?). I asked tech support about that one too, and they said they would "put it in the suggestion box".

Overall it does its primary job, and the Android app on my phone to access all the files on the drive is decent. Hopefully they update the firmware and fix the bugs. Not really deal breakers, but disappointing and perplexing to say the least.
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