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July 9, 2017
After finishing After, I had to dive right into After We Collided to get more of Tessa and Hardin and this book was just as angsty and full of drama as After!

After We Collided picks up right where After finishes and in this book we get both Hardin and Tessa's points of view which was helpful. Watching the pain these two characters go through to try to find their way back to one another had me on edge throughout most of this book. These two had to go through so much and I felt myself wanting to strangle both of these characters multiple times in this book!

Every single time I think these two may have finally figured things out, and may finally get a chance at happiness something comes up and things go downhill and quickly, but this time it's Tess that seems to do a lot of the misunderstanding and messing up. She jumps to conclusions over and over again and never gives Hardin time to explain before jumping to the worst case scenario and doing something drastic. Granted, she has her reasons with everything he's done, but she ends up hurting them more than helping them so many times in this book. Hardin really has shown he's willing to try to be a better man and has worked so hard to gain Tessa's trust but she seems to throw it away every time he mispeaks or does one thing wrong, forgetting that everything is so new for Hardin and that the relationship isn't just her, but it's both of them in it together.

I really did enjoy the journey that the author took us on in this book and how far we got to see these characters grow so far, but I am want to see things finally start to work out for them and I want to see Tessa start to be more honest with Hardin, especially now that he's doing so much to earn her back and be honest with her! She owes that to him and she can't be keeping secrets from him anymore, it's driving me insane!

I will definitely be picking up the next book ASAP and diving right into it, because this series has become an addiction. If you're a lover of the new adult genre and like angst, this is definitely the series for you!
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