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Reviewed in the United States on February 8, 2009
(This is an update of my original review, now that I've been using this frying pan for ten months.)

I've been using cast iron frying pans all my life and was glad to see this being sold on Amazon at half the price my local hardware store gets for it. It's the first pre-seasoned cast iron pan I've owned. I was skeptical about it and wondered whether I should look for one used or at least not pre-seasoned.

However, the pre-seasoning works great, although after a few weeks of ownership I did season it myself, but this was because cooking at too high heat had damaged the pre-seasoning. I'm totally happy with this little frying pan. With proper care, there's no reason why someone can't still be using it a hundred years from now.

Like all cast iron pans, it requires proper care. Here's how I keep my cast iron pans in good shape:

1) If the pan is new and not pre-seasoned, or if it's been abused, I put it in the oven for several hours at around 100F with vegetable shortening covering the bottom of the pan. If a pan's been really abused, you may need to clean it with oven cleaner, but this is a drastic step that should be avoided if possible.

2) Always cook at low heat.

3) Before cooking, allow the pan to warm up at very low heat with cooking oil in it.

4) Clean it with a dry paper towel.

If a dry paper towel doesn't completely clean it, use cold water and a sponge, but this will remove some of the pan's seasoning.
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