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Reviewed in the United States on October 30, 2013
We have a 110 pound Great Pyrenees that we got from a rescue about 4 years ago. When we got her we knew that she had a hip problem and after seeing our veterinarian we started her on Cosequin DS. After about a month, we started to notice an improvement in her mobility and activity level. She has been on the Cosequin ever since except for the time she got really sick from eating something she shouldn’t (as dogs do sometimes). She was off of the Cosequin for about six week and there was a noticeable difference. About a month after she started taking it again she was back to her more active self.

For us, the Cosequin DS does help our dog . Other than the transition period when she first started taking it we really did not observe any ill affects over the past four years.

I do have the following observations that may be helpful to people starting their dog on Cosequin DS. The manufacturer’s recommended dosing for our dog based on size is 4 pills a day initially and two pills a day after the first six weeks. We found that if we gave her 2 pills the first part of the day and 2 pills the second part of the day (4 per day total) it gave her diarrhea because she was not accustomed to the pills. It is a lot like changing your dog’s food abruptly. We found that if we increase the initial dose gradually over a couple of weeks she had no tummy trouble at all. Basically, we would give her ½ pill twice a day for about three days and then increase that by ½ pill every 2-3 days until she reached the recommended dose of 4 pills per day. To be honest I really figured this out because I use the people version of this product, Cosamin DS and if I started the initial dose of 3 pills a day all at once without doing it gradually like described above I had similar tummy trouble.

From the dog’s perspective – I know that these pills are supposed to be flavored but our dog will not run anybody down to eat them. We give her the pills with her morning and evening dry food meals and most days she eats the pills with her food. About one day a month, she may leave one in her bowl so I am thinking the flavor is ok but not great. If it ever got to the point that she would not eat them, I am sure a little peanut butter or cheese would change her opinion. Every dog is different so your dog may have a different opinion on flavor.
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