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December 27, 2016
I previously read the author's other book called The Ten Year Turnaround and while that one was well written, I definitely prefer books like this with step by step actionable information that I can get results from quickly and not just ten years from now. I also appreciate the fact that the author is not someone who has made his money only by teaching other people how to make money, but actually runs his own successful online business. That being said, I'd have liked to see more variety in examples of making money from online business rather than just the usual selling ads, e-books, content subscriptions, etc.

If you are wondering about the strategies presented here are the names of the chapters:
1. Selecting your Niche
2. Choosing A Name for Your Business
3. Launching Your Website
4. Content Strategy and Content Marketing
5. Additional Marketing Strategies
6. Making Money with Advertising
7. Making Money with Digital Products and Services
8. Creating Systems and Building a Great Team
9. Putting It All Together

So as you can see the first few chapters are pretty basic and I'd almost say superfluous since tutorials for all those things are easy to look up online for free. The last few chapters are where the actual content worth paying for are located since that is where he talks about the things that have directly made him money. Overall I'd say it's worth the price just for the content in the later chapters and if you are a complete beginner to online business then definitely pick up this book because it does a good job of structuring exactly what you need to do to get up and running.
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