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November 11, 2017
Lack of a power switch is something that didn't seem to matter, but it does when you wish to connect to other devices. Unplugging it from the power receptacle is a hazard while driving. If static matters to you, look at a different solution. The static is caused by radio station 'bleed-over'. This is likely a difficult thing for a manufacturer to overcome. In a saturated radio market, finding an open FM station without a directly adjacent on-air radio station is difficult. Even if one is found, if you travel to another area where your chosen station is occupied your audio quality will suffer. The microphone pickup for hands free calling lacks the sensitivity needed to be heard by your other party. The mic is near the volume knob so unless the unit is close to your face, your voice will sound distant and faint. Bluetooth Pairing is simple and easy. The external audio jack was my saving grace - it allowed me to jack into the auxiliary input to my stereo and bypass the FM transmitter component. Not optimal as I hoped to eliminate the wires spewing from all corners of the car. This defeated the purpose of the purchase.
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