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Reviewed in the United States on March 19, 2019
Came very quickly! I was having tons of fibromyalgia issues in my back & knee pain from past surgeries as usual. More so in winter. I'm only 44 & am crazy obsessed about having good all natural vitamins, healthy diet & exercise part of my daily life. All natural kind of person with as much as possible. BUT, I have given my body quite a beating. (I believe living life to the fullest, your only young once & life is waaay shorter then most of us understand.) This winter season I was in more pain then ever before with my fibromyalgia mostly. So I started searching & came across Collagen ACCIDENTALLY. I have been taking it for a very short time & am AMAZED how much better my joints & back feel not to mention my skin & hair. I'm thrilled about all the types of Collagens this particular brand has in it & even more thrilled about bone broth being part of this brand, Natural Elements. Bone broth & egg shell membrane is an excellent source of protein. I have also noticed my gut has been more relaxed & happy since taking this. There are SOOO many things in this short amount of time taking this great product that I have noticed. Too many to mention but I'll give it my best. I truly am amazed & had no idea my body was lacking Collagen. Who knew this one little product was what my body was needing a boost of. I will try & name as many benefits as possible that I have notice personally with my body... Joints don't hurt so bad (ALL joints, everywhere), fibro pain, hair feels great, nails, skin so soft & moisturized, soothed gut, face, dry eye's more moisturized, lungs can breathe better from polution, asthma & chronic bronchitis (quite a shocker), muscle & ligament tightness from stress etc. (alleviated), mood lifted, tired feeling (alleviated), feeling hungry constantly even after eating (gone!) Etc etc etc... I hope this helps give you some kind of idea no matter how small. I highly recommend having this in your daily life! Best decision I've made & wish I would have known much much sooner how much our bodies need this. Our bones are made up of more collagen then calcium. Did you know that? I did not. I did not get paid for this review. I am a real person with real problems looking for a great suppliment & have found a wonderful addition to my dailies. Absolutely will be buying this again for years to come.
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