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October 2, 2015
Hard, hot, dirty-talking pirates with questionable morals, dark secrets and no problem sharing? Oh yeah, there’s all that AND a captivating story as well. It’s like your grandmother’s bodice ripper but with threesomes, dark moments and tattoos.

Prim widow Hannah is naive to most worldly pleasures, but pirate captain Edmund Blackburn and his handy quartermaster Benjamin Till are more than happy to broaden her horizons. They might have a few things to learn from Hannah, as well. It isn't all fun and frolicking, though. Blackburn and Mr. Till have a plan, and it looks like Hannah could either be the key to their success or their downfall.

This is a dark-ish erotic romance that’s full of incredibly hot scenes but is also really well written. It has great characters and an even better story.

Best of all, this book is just fun to read.
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