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Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2018
Water filtered through very slowly which would have been fine and well worth the time if the pitcher actually worked as advertised. I bought this mainly to filter out fluoride from the water prior to distilling.

I have since read some reviews from people who actually tested the water for fluoride removal and found that it was NOT removed. I did test for TDS (total dissolved solids). I tested my tap water and then ran that same tap water through the Aquagear filter. There was actually a little bit higher amount of TDS in the water AFTER filtering. If the filter is not removing at least a percentage of solids then I tend to believe the comments stating that fluoride was not removed are true.

This is a very expensive plastic pitcher and poorly engineered at that which you can read about in many comments. The replacement filters are also very expensive. I decided to cut my losses and threw away the filter and cup. Now I have a very expensive plastic pitcher which I don't really need. I will likely toss it soon because it makes me mad every time I see it.
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