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Reviewed in the United States on August 14, 2019
I think these were fresh when they arrived and I have no idea on taste because I don’t eat them but my dogs love them. As far as the scent goes, they stink and I hate having to open up the container to give them to my dogs at night but the scent doesn’t hang around for very long so that’s a plus and the container I store them in holds the scent inside so it doesn’t leak out into my bedroom. However, those are my feelings about these. When it comes to how my dogs think of these they absolutely love them! They can’t wait for bedtime as one will run back to her kennel 5 times before she realizes it not bedtime and the other will constantly bark at nighttime to make sure I am going to bed and open the container before he will get into his kennel to have his bedtime “treat”. They love love these so I always have to try and make sure I have them on hand. I also have to put them in their kennel while they eat them otherwise they fight and try to take the other ones stick. I will say I wish these weren’t so expensive for an everyday treat and came more to a package. For a months worth for 2 small breed dogs it takes 2 packages since there are only 30 sticks in the package. 30 sticks divided between 2 dogs only lasts 15 days. Buying the biggest box that has 4 packages of 30 only gets us by for 2 months. And spending $65+ tax every 2 months is over $400 a year just on these alone. I would, and I’m sure others as well, would love to have these drop by at least half the amount in price and provide more to a package. Seems wasteful to use so many packages. There has to be a more cost effective and environmentally safe way to supply these to the customers.
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