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Reviewed in the United States on July 20, 2012
This film is a roller coaster ride from the beginning when a public relations agent named Roger O. Thornhill is abducted at a classy restaurant for being confused with a nonexistent spy named George Kaplan. Roy miraculously escapes an attempted murder against him and ever since, he's on the run. To make matters more complicated he also becomes a fugitive when mistakenly believed to be the culprit of a murder at the United Nations. And why not? Everyone in the room where the murder takes place sees him holding the knife and his face is on the papers. He escapes on a train, meets the beautiful Eve Kendell (played by Eve Marie Saint) and makes love with her, gets attacked by an airplane (the scene on the DVD's cover), gets arrested at an auction, and ends up being pursued by spies at Mount Rushmore. This thrilling adventure has lots of action, romance, the beautiful blonde (Eve Marie Saint), and lots of humor. I always remember Thornhill (Grant) telling the thugs who leave him at the library "I'll catch on my reading." Thornhill's relationship with his mother (played by Jesse Royce Landis) is quite amusing. There's a scene at the elevator that involves Thornhill, his mother, and the two hired assassins pursuing Thornhill that is quite hilarious and a stroke of genius. And there is one piece of dialogue that i simply can't forget:

Thornhill: Tell me, why are you so good to me?
Eve: Shall I climb up and tell you why?

And the way Eve Marie says this strikes a chord in me. She's "a looker" and pretty sensuous. I also fell in lover with her. In addition, Hermann's score accompanies the viewer throughout the film, adding tension to each scene. Interestingly enough, the ending scene does remind you of the typical conclusion of a James Bond film (this franchise hadn't started yet) although it is done in a very creative manner.

I don't think that Hitchcock meant this film to be taken seriously. My impression is that he was aiming at sheer fun, and I simply followed, or have followed several times already, Cary Grant on the run, and all the twists and turns he goes through (I've seen this at least six times already). I suspended my disbelief in the plausibility of its events and enjoyed it.
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