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Reviewed in the United States on January 16, 2019
When starting a review, Amazon ask you to rate the durability, battery life and versatility of the unit. I have to give it five stars for everything but battery life. And really, isn’t the battery what this thing is all about?

I have found that the shelf life of the battery is lacking. I charge it to 100% but after only a few weeks the charge is down to 50%. I thought this unit contained lithium ion batteries. If that’s the case, the charge should stay in the 90% range for months. I suspect there is some parasitic drain going on. Or, I might have a defective unit.

Otherwise this is a very nice device. There are lots of dongles to charge just about any device, the flashing and signal light functions work well. It seems well constructed. I was very hopeful that this would be the one to save my bacon if I ever need it. But sadly, I can’t be expected to recharge this thing every two weeks. It’s going back and I’ll try again.


I received a replacement unit and after a one week test, the replacement unit maintains 100% power while the original unit has decreased to 85%. It seems obvious that the original is defective in some way. Apparently there is some parasitic draw. The new unit is great.
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