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Reviewed in the United States on November 25, 2017
I don’t know how much longer it’ll hold up. We’ve had it for 5 months now. I bought it because I needed something that would hold up well for EVERYDAY use by our family of 5. That’s why I splurged and paid the $100 for it. Unfortunately, the button that opens and collapses it is finicky and gets stuck so it takes some extra maneuvering to get it to pop into place for use. Which is not something the kids can do very well, I have to carefully get it into place so they don’t try to force it (which I fear could break it). The one other area I’m concerned won’t hold up much longer is the side door that contains the dirt. There is not much to it. it doesn’t “snap” shut when closed to give your that security.its ust a flimsy piece of plastic lever that holds it shut. So many times I’ll be using it and that flap decided to pop open! Any weird angle while I’m vacuuming and it gets bumped? There goes all the dirt and garbage! It hasn’t broken yet though and so for that I am thankful because I did ALOT or research ahead of time to find THE best option for a littl vac that’s reliable, long lasting, not to hard/heavy for the kids to whip out and clean up their messes while I supervise. Unfortunately, this just doesn’t seem to be it. It probably won’t make it a year. isn’t the quality it should be which I feel has become all to common!
Hope to do an update review in the future for you, Maybe at the 1 year mark.
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