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Reviewed in the United States on December 15, 2019
I have been very happy with my Alexa Show but now after having it a little over a year and a half. Her voice is starting to slip and lag and when she plays Amazon music it does the same thing and skips almost like an old record player. It really doesnt matter if she keeps getting smarter if you have to buy a new one ever year and a half or is she made that way on purpose so you do have to by the next generation. My only question is when does the 3rd generation come out because it never fails 2 weeks after I get the newer version the newer newer one comes out. I have just bought a couple of other versions in the series just be cause i did like it so much but now I am thinking maybe that was a dumb idea because I am just going to need a new one every other year. I also bought a new dot, the new flex and the android auto which I havent even put in my car yet and as a gift I recieved the one that takes pictures of your outfits. I just moved and was waiting till everything was unpacked to set the new ones up. Boy, am I disappointed I know waisted all that money and very unhappy with the quality of Amazon's products but I guess that is how all companies work. They dont make products that last so you do have to rebuy them year after year and I dont see why amazon would be any different. I just know now that the quality of their products suck so I know not to invest anymore of my money or time into them or amazon. Thanks for your junk amazon .
Signed a very unhappy amazon custimomwe again
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