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July 10, 2017
Beg to differ. As to the lack of "biblical" associations, I think you need to get all the way to the end of the film to the credits to find it, but it's there!! While a lot of good geology is included in the film, I think the producers tend to see it as an "either-or" battle, with catastrophism being the "victim" of uniformitarianism. Doubtlessly it was in the olden days, but not so much today when both rapid and slow processes as concepts have been integrated into modern geology. (It would be difficult not to notice the effect of a volcano on its surroundings for instance!) Modern geologists look for both and look for them widely in order to study earth history. The producers have also ignored the fact that things like turbidity currents don't happen on a daily basis but sedimentary processes do. They also point to a lack of animal fossils where the animals might not even have been in the first place or where they would have left little visible traces of their having been there. They also ignore the fact that the earth is not the same place as it was "In the beginning!" Life itself has changed it a lot. Erosion and deposition, for instance, happened a lot faster and were more pervasive before plant life made itself onto land to resist natural processes than they did after that date. They also ignore the chemistry of the pre-oxygen world and the post oxygen world. Seems to me there was a little bit of cherry picking done here. I laud the producer's providing an alternate view, but I would have appreciated hearing the "other side of the story" from a knowledgeable "someone" who disagreed with them. It might have clarified some of the producer's issues with things like isotope dating--but then, I suspect such individuals would have clarified it for the viewers, too. I agree that scientists are just as slow to accept change as the rest of us--poor old Alfred Wegener never did get to see the day when his notion of plate tectonics was accepted (I believe he died on a polar expedition long before then)--but sometimes there's a reason for it!
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