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June 7, 2017
This book was odd. So many things about it simply didn't make sense or didn't follow any rational order. It felt like it needed more editing. Beyond that, though, it simply wasn't believable. None of the character's actions felt true to life. Are we really to believe that Gina never set foot in her husband's garage? Not once in all those years? Wouldn't most wives have an interest in what their husband's spent so much time doing?

Further, I simply don't believe that after 4 years, the FAMILY of a serial killer would be relevant in the least. People have super short attention spans and there are fresh horror stories every single's not really plausible that this one particular family would have so many issues, particularly after years have passed.

Finally, this book is a cliffhanger! I thought it was a standalone, and to find that it's not is quite aggravating. Nevertheless, I don't see myself buying the sequel, when the first book in the series wasn't great.

I did like that the story was told by the family of the killer...that's fairly unique. With some tweaking, I feel this could be a great book. Unfortunately, it's not.
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