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This device is insane .
I have been using standard 50 pound jump starters for years and they usually , but not always , performed sufficiently , and not always reliably . Lately , for the last 2 years , I have been dealing with a failing " battery saver module " in my 2007 Ford F350 CrewCab 4x4 6.0 diesel pickup . The short explanation is that when the outside temps drop below 60 to 50 degrees , the battery saver module kicks in . Once the days get cooler and the BSM activates it completely drains both batteries in my truck in about 2 days while my truck sits unoperated . My standard jump box just wasn't charging sufficiently anymore to jump my truck from a dead start , and about 2 weeks ago it completely failed even though it was as charged as it was going to get . After reading up on these type of jump starters and reading tons of reviews for different brands and sizes of these jump boxes , I wasn't completely confident that these things can or would actually operate as the manufacturers claim . I decided to purchase the NOCO GB150 mostly because ;
1. They are an American manufacturer and ...
2. because they have been manufacturing vehicle assistive devices for many years and have an established reputation and ...
3. because their machines aren't built around add on cheap , junky , gimmicky crap like tire inflators , laser lights , compasses , radios , mini winches , etc....its just a solid jump box built into a strong , high quality housing with a useful , quality LED headlight and a few plugs for USB and charger adapters , and..
4. it seems to have better overall safety features than the other comparable brands , plus it is rated for much larger engines , and I did not find any other brand offering a machine rated for such large engines and..
5. In comparing the NOCO GB150 and it's parts such as the cables and post clamps to other brand boxes , the NOCO quality seems to be solid , professional quality .
After receiving the box and examining it , it is my opinion that this is a finely manufactured product , no cheap or flimsy parts at all .
Charging it completely out of the box as advised in the user manual took about 12 hours . The following afternoon I went out to my truck to start it up . It was about 3pm and the afternoon temp was about 75 degrees , and the overnight temp got down to about 49 to 53 degrees . My truck had been parked for 12 days without being started , and the batteries were completely dead . I attached the post clamps , waited about 1 minute , and keyed the ignition switch. The engine kicked over vigorously , no lag , no hesitation . I went into town to do chores and run errands , making several stops throughout the afternoon . I jumped my truck 5 more times that afternoon . When I returned home , I checked the box and the charge indicator gauge showed the box STILL at 100% . I left the box on the passenger side of the floor for the next use . I went out 2 days later , jumped my truck that morning and 4 more times that day . Upon returning home I checked the box and the charge indicator gauge showed the charge at 75% ! Think about that ...I jumped my 6.0 diesel 11 times over a 4 day period
without recharging this box , and it only used approximately 1/4 of the contained charge ..that is unreal .
After reading the reviews , the only concern I had --apart from this box actually performing as the manufactures claimed it would -- was the complaints from a few customers that the power component ( battery pack ) failed rather early ...there were only like 3 or 4 reviews with this complaint contrast there were hundreds of 4 and 5 star reviews for this box , none of which mentioned the box having a short lifespan or otherwise failing . Also , there were a few follow up reviews from guys who had purchased the box more than a year or more prior and talked about how the box was still functioning dependably as it was designed to do .
One other thing to keep in mind is that should the battery pack fail , NOCO states in its user manual that it does rebuild the box should the owner send it in for such service .
In conclusion I absolutely recommend this box or its smaller versions . In my opinion , NOCO builds the best quality box , and judging from other reviews , also maintains a responsive Customer Assistance department which is important as these jump boxes are not a throwaway item . Buy this jump box . 5 STARS !
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