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April 12, 2017
I spent nearly two months trying to find a kettle that didn't have _any_ plastic inside in contact with the water. I read many dozens of online reviews and forums, and nothing quite made the cut. I wanted a glass or ceramic interior, because they're inert and won't flavor or contaminate the water, but that proved impossible; I decided stainless steel was a good alternative. (I'd been using a Le Creuset for the past 10 years but can no longer remove the scale from the inside and needed a replacement.) This kettle works beautifully and it's completely nontoxic, as the water contacts nothing but stainless inside.

Note that some people have worried about a small circular hole at the top beneath the lid -- this is there so that the lid can close. When you're boiling water, that hole is completely blocked by the thickness of the lid as it closes; the interior of the lid is the same stainless steel as the rest of the interior. There is thus NO plastic that can be contacted by water or steam in this kettle. (See photos. The first shows the hole just beneath the rim, and the second shows that the thickness of the metal in the lid will completely block that hole.)

I've been using the kettle multiple times per day and it works simply and beautifully. It boils water quickly, and it shuts off by itself once it's reached the boil. For those of you considering a kettle with temperature settings: (1) testing of such kettles indicates that most of them are off the desired temperature by as much as 10 degrees, defeating the purpose of setting it at different temps for different teas; and (2) I have a ThermoPop thermometer (not available through amazon, alas) and another less fancy one, and both of them indicate that once you pour the water out of the kettle, the temperature drops really quickly. If I pour into an open cup, the temp falls to ~180-185 degrees as soon as I've stopped pouring; the temp remains a bit higher in a closed teapot (and will differ depending on whether the teapot is glass, ceramic, or metal). So I'm not sure that even an accurate temp gauge on a kettle would be that useful.
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