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January 7, 2018
I bought an e-gift card with the intention of giving it to a friend in Tokyo Japan. Only to discover that she can redeem the card but can't spend it!!! I sent 400+ dollars to s 54 year old woman who has serious health problems and no heater. Not even a working stove... She's freezing her but off. Japan has Amazon Japan but they won't honor the card, worse yet they won't refund my money so I can send it Western Union. BAD FORM Amazon, you are about to lose a long time customer if you don't make this right... In addition to this you did not say one word regarding use restrictions for this card, which especially since you have Amazon Japan is a really crappy way to treat your customers.

UPDATE: I spent about an hour on the phone today, to a helpful fellow named Mac. At Amazon Customer Services in Manila. He was able to obtain a refund for me. THANK YOU MAC I have since sent the money to the woman in Tokyo that I was attempting to help and she was very grateful... hopefully she will have warm food and a warm home tonight.
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