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April 29, 2018
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Dee is a Good Witch but she wonders if she could be a better witch.
She wonders if there’s more to life than Disney movie marathons, eating a whole box of chocolates for dinner and brewing up potions in her bathtub. So when she’s offered a chance to go on a personal development course in the English countryside, she packs her bags, says goodbye to the Shelter for Unloved Animals charity shop and sets a course for self-improvement.

Caroline isn’t just a Good Witch, she’s a fricking awesome witch.
She likes to find the easy path through life: what her good looks can’t get for her, a few magic charms can. But she’s bored of being a waitress and needs something different in her life. So when a one night stand offers her a place on an all-expenses-paid residential course in a big old country house, she figures she’s got nothing to lose.

Jenny is a Wicked Witch. She just wishes she wasn’t.
On her fifteenth birthday, she got her first wart, her own imp and a Celine Dion CD. She still has the imp. She also has a barely controllable urge to eat human children which is socially awkward to say the least and not made any easier when a teenager on the run turns to her for help. With gangsters and bent cops on their trail, Jenny needs to find a place outside the city where they can lay low for a while.

For very different reasons, three very different witches end up on the same training course and land in a whole lot of trouble when they discover that there’s a reason why their free country break sounds too good to be true. Foul-mouthed imps, wererats, naked gardeners, tree monsters, ghosts and stampeding donkeys abound in a tale about discovering your inner witch.

Clovenhoof (Clovenhoof Book 1) (Jul 26, 2012)
Pigeonwings (Clovenhoof Book 2) (Aug 10, 2013)
Godsquad (Clovenhoof Book 3) (Clovenhoof Book 3) (Apr 23, 2015)
Hellzapoppin' (Clovenhoof Book 4) (Oct 1, 2015)
Beelzebelle (Clovenhoof Book 5) (Apr 14, 2016)
Clovenhoof & the Trump of Doom (Clovenhoof Book 6) (Dec 18, 2016)

Satan's Shorts (Clovenhoof, #3)
Satan's Shorts is collection with the books listed below but there are others
Clovenhoof goes to Night School.
Patron Saint of Nothing At All.
Clovenhoof and the Snowmen.
Saint Nicholas and the Krampus.
Detritus at the Church Fete.
Clovenhoof and the Spiders.
A Cat in Hell's Chance.
The Non-Specific Prayer Assessment Unit.
The Hoof.
Clovenhoof's Shed

Oddjobs 2: This time it's Personnel


A Spell in the Country
The Million Dollar Dress
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