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Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2016
I'll stay out of the argument about what it's appropriate to show your kids, as I was only allowed to watch the Disney Channel as a kid and eagerly looked forward to staying with a babysitter so I could watch the "cool" cartoons the other kids liked to watch. I also happen to think that no one should show something to their kids just because it's by Disney/Pixar and rated G, but I digress.

I watched this film right after the first a few days ago, and I'm again impressed by it in absolutely every way. Pixar managed to keep the world and characters from the first film, and create a film with a COMPLETELY different theme and feel. For anyone who thought the first Cars film was too slow, there's more action in the first half hour of this film than the whole of the first Cars combined. The jokes, the camera-work, the visual fidelity (WAAAAY more color this time around), and the variety of characters and settings have all been cranked way up to 11. There isn't really much of a story aside from again one of friendship and finding your usefulness in a world you don't understand, and sticking by your friends, but that doesn't matter because there's so many thrills to be found.

From a design viewpoint this might be the greatest Pixar film ever, with more incredible gadgets and clever uses for them than any other Pixar film I've ever seen. Literally this film keeps your eyes glued to the screen just to see what crazy visual gag or feat you will see next.

Parents will want to tread lightly if they're showing this to a kid who should be playing with large building blocks and coloring books instead of watching TV, but just about everyone else who likes their cartoons action-packed and filled with motion, color, and cleverness with love this film.

And yes, there's some fridge-horror when you realize that every one of those cars that gets zapped, explodes, or is thrown into the sea is DEAD! ....Shudders....
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