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Reviewed in the United States on April 25, 2020
I just love this stuff! I'm a caffeine addict, & enjoy getting more "bang for my buck" in regards to its calorie count. An average soda is about 160-200 calories for only 12 oz.
'Kickstart' however, besides seducing you with it's delicious taste, it's caffeine content (90 mg in 16 oz),Vitamin C (90 mg or 100% daily value -'DV') Vitamin B1-Niacin, (16mg, or 100% DV),vitamin B6 (2mg, or 120% DV) Panothenic acid or B5 (4 mg or 80% DV) vitamins & more, delivered to you at only 80 Calories per a 16 ounce CAN!! The 'Pineapple Orange Mango' mix, boasts 10% juice & also coconut water.
(Coconut water is known to have antioxidants, support heart health, blood pressure regulation, prolonged exercise support
& rehydrates. (Other flavors also boasts a minimum of 5% to the10% juice.)
It is more of a 'sparking juice' than just 'another carbonated soda', alleviating the gas/belching/cramping I used to often get from alot of carbonated beverages.
Yes, it has high fructose corn syrup, food coloring, & is not a health drink. However, as a lover of caffeine (nearly 2x the amount of an average 12 oz soda), a lover of liquids (an additional 4 oz of liquid), it's already got my vote. Add a bit of vitamins, 5-10% juice, a bit coconut water & remove nearly 100 calories? You got me wanting more!
Sure drinking H2o, juice, etc. is 'better' for you, & everyone should. But, if you love great taste, caffeine, a lil more to drink, a bit healthier drink with 100% DV in 3 vitamins, a LOT less in calories & carbs (170cal, 44g carb, in a small12oz soda[ref:MtnDew-Baja Blast] OR 80calories,20g carb, in this 16oz!) & like a bit less carbonation, YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE with this delicious caffeinated beverage!!
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