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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on August 8, 2017
I purchased the unit without drives and bought WD Red drives separately. I did this as I noticed many users having problems. I felt if I had a problem unit, I would rather return the unit and keep the drives for an alternative solution. Initial installation appeared to go well. Drives formatted quickly and all of the health and diagnostic indicators were good. I was able to set up shares and mapped network drives. All seemed well. The user interface was OK, not great.

As I started some data transfers, I noticed that the transfer would hang. I finally got about 600 GB of data to transfer. I added a drive to the USB port and did a backup. I shut the unit down and removed the USB drives. I felt this would give me an opportunity to see if there were any issues after powering down and powering back up. This turned out to be a wise decision. On power up, instead of having 2.4 TB remaining of my 3TB, I had only 400 GB. Another folder appeared eating up disk space and I was unable to remove it.

I contacted WD support. I asked the support person if he had ever seen this problem. He mentioned that he had seen it a few times. His only conclusion was to do a full restore. So much for hours of transferring data. The restore brought the unit back. At this point, I chose to not use the RAID option and just have the unit in JBOD mode. After hours of reformatting to get to JBOD, I started my file transfer again. The first 100 GB went well. I started the next file transfer and the unit immediately hung. No data would transfer. I could open the home page and all indicators were good. I ran diagnostics and they came back ok. I disconnected the mapped network drive from my PC and re-booted my PC. Same thing. I then rebooted the WD EX2 and again rebooted my PC, mapped the network drive and it would still hang trying to transfer data.

At this point, since the unit can’t transfer data, I contacted Amazon to return the unit as defective.

Overall, I think this unit is marginal. I am very confident in the drives that WD sells, but I feel this product does not have the quality that I expect. As always, Amazon was prompt in issuing the shipping label for a defective item. Thank you Amazon!
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