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June 17, 2017
The great American transcendentalist and social critic, Henry David Thoreau, in perhaps his most powerful essay, "Life Without Principle" wrote by way of introduction to his thoughts, "I will not talk about people a thousand miles off, but come as near home as I can. As the time is short, I will leave out all the flattery, and retain all the criticism."

Jack Perry shares Thoreau's same incisive clarity as a social philosopher, leaving out all the flattery and retaining all the criticism, while adding some good humor in the process. His new book, "Regime Change You can Believe In" speaks directly to the individual and their place in the manipulated and contrived sociological stew that attempts to control their lives, the modern Matrix of imposed cultural and political straitjackets that shoehorn the individual into becoming a partisan and consumer, rather than living their life as an individual.

Mr. Perry joins the reader in walking through the social and political quagmires of our time, examined with insight and historical relevance. Jack then breaks down each social and political issue using Occam's Razor (that wonderful "law of parsimony"), and here is where Jack differs from the thousands of political pundits and tongue wagging ninny's seen everywhere splattering their dogmatic thinking all over the media and the Internet. Jack Perry almost casually brings a matter up for examination and then dissects the historical causality, then the current state of affairs, and then how it effects the public at large and all our friends and neighbors, and then how it effects us, you and me as individuals.

Jack's literary technique is just right for this work, and its an easy read; in fact as a "Kindle" book it can be read to you (at least from an Amazon "Fire" tablet) in a most pleasant and linguistically precise digitized female voice. Jack reveals himself to his readers as a decent, honest man and his writing reflects his straightforward and sincere approach to the dilemmas and social upheavals of our time. "Regime Change You Can Believe In" contains good recommendations on how to retain your individuality and an open mind, serving as a guide book to help keep a person sane and human when living among the drones.

Will this book change your life or give an epiphany of insight? Maybe it will or maybe it won't, but I think Jack Perry has created an important work filled with insight and a unique perspective into the perfumed, modern, and digital lifestyle that we take for granted. Thoreau and his fellow transcendentalists would be proud that individualism in act and thought is not entirely dead in America, and that some people do slip through the cracks and share their ideas with the rest of us.

Individualism is the key to Jack Perry's book, and as an individual I encourage you to read it.
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