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June 2, 2016
I had ordered this product on 28 May 2016 with mountain-high hopes and expectations. I had my fingers crossed and hoped like crazy for this docking station to work as expected. Even though I am an amazon prime member (2-day shipping), I got this product only today (2 June 2016) because of the long weekend. Every passing day felt like an year !!

This dock is indeed THE answer to what I have been looking for, for the last 16 months !!

I use two laptops on a daily basis -- A macbook pro which is my personal laptop and a Dell laptop (win 7) which is my work laptop. In my house, I have a 3 display setup (3 Acer H226HQL 21.5-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitors) with wireless keyboard and mouse. I want to use this setup with both my laptops. But, plugging and unplugging from one laptop to another more than once per day turned out to be quite painful. Moreover, it damages the ports in the laptops. There is a device available in amazon which acts like a hub where the two laptops and the 3 displays can be connected to the hub. Using a knob in this hub, one can select from which laptop the 3 displays should get their signals from. But, the cost of this device was more than $300. The cost did not convince me to buy that hub. Moreover, this hub will make my laptops less portable due to all those cables connected to the ports. I wanted something which is as easy as plugging & unplugging a USB drive into my laptop. And this Sabrent USB 3.0 Universal docking station does exactly that.

To this docking station, I have connected one display via HDMI and another via DVI. For the third display, I use a USB HDMI-DVI adapter (Display Link) and connected it to USB 3.0 port in the docking station. With my laptop closed, I have three working displays. With the laptop open, then there are 4 displays including the laptop display.

These 3 displays have 1920x1080 resolution. There is NO drop in resolution in either windows or mac. Well, for mac there is a slight drop in resolution but that is bec mac has retina display whose resolution is way higher than the ones supported in these displays. So, definitely NOT the docking station's fault or shortcoming. I have connected a Satechi headphone stand that has a built-in USB hub (3 USB ports -- USB 3.0) to this sabrent docking station. I have connected the logitech unifying receiver to this satechi headphone stand cum USB hub, for connecting my wireless keyboard and mouse. There is NO lag in either the keyboard entries or in the mouse pointer movements.

I am not a gamer, so I do not have an input on that aspect. However, for working purposes, watching movies and so on, this docking station has NO issues or complaints.

The quality of the docking station, i.e., the build and finish are also very good. The tablet/phone slot has a rubber seating which gives it a good grip and prevents the devices from sliding out.

I have never been more satisfied with a product and hence the reason why I want to give this product 10 stars instead of 5 !

This is the longest & most detailed review that I have ever written. I have also attached a couple of pics of my setup for reference -- Again, this is a first for me. Did this only because I am truly happy with this product.

I will keep monitoring this product very closely. Even if there is a flicker of lag in performance, it will catch my eye. In that case, I will definitely update my review. But, until then, my verdict is that "Sabrent USB 3.0 Universal Docking Station" is simply awesome and affordable.

UPDATE: 10 June 2016

Have been using this dock for the last 8 days now. I have had no troubles when using with Windows 7. Works beautifully without any pixelation (no loss in resolution) and no lags. Saw movies as well. It’s great.

For Macbook — Bad news !! .. Too many places where I observe lags. To be fair, the lag is only during animations like when launching the “Launchpad” where it’s buttery smooth in the macbook, but when viewed via displays connected to this dock, it’s super choppy.
However, NO lags observed when I saw movies or videos or while typing or browsing. So far, only a few animations were stuttering.
With regards to resolution, as mentioned above, I use Acer displays whose resolution is lesser than the retina display. So, in addition to that drop in resolution that you get to see in my displays, I see a further drop in resolution but only slightly. So far, I did not find this as a deal breaker.
So yeah, in a nutshell, with all the shortcomings mentioned above, I still find this a worthy buy rather than spend $400 plus on horizontal Henge docks which will give me the same number of ports !
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