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Reviewed in the United States on September 26, 2018
There were two things physical things that I wish were better with the Blink cameras.

1) The included camera mount is a joke. At best, you could mount your camera flush against the wall but any attempt at setting it at an angle would ultimately prove futile as tension to hold it in place is near non-existent. This is especially true when mounting your camera on any surface that is prone to vibrations, say over a garage or front door that is opened and closed on a daily basis. The included camera mount would end up point straight to the ground.

This mount is sturdy and solves that problem. It also makes it a bit more theft proof as there are 3 screws to mount it instead of just one.

2) The black color of the camera seems to stand out against the color of my house. I realized I needed a lighter color to make it a bit more inconspicuous.

The silicone white skin helps to make the camera blend in with my house instead of looking like an eyesore.

And for the price, this is a smart buy.
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