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Reviewed in the United States on March 16, 2018
PRO: Overall a decent seat cover for protecting the factory seats from wear n tare and possible damage < Mazda CX-3 Touring model with Faux Leatherette (fake leather made from TPU or PU, Thermal Set Polyurethane, actually durable in it's own right- BUT <especially when Black> are HOT to sit on when exposed to our sun in balmy Florida and possibly even 'less' on being 'Breathable' than REAL leather it's copying). Other reason goes without saying; keeping the car's interior 'looking nice' and clean which is personal preference AND when you go to Sell the now-New SUV's Resale Value vehicle will be far greater , often Hundreds MORE. Enough of the Woulda, Shoulda, and Coulda stuff you tell yourself to convince yourself to buy something.

The LEADER ACCESSORIES SEAT COVER: Installing is self explanatory. Cover has a 'HOOD" like pocket at the top and 'ELASTIC TIE DOWN STRAP ~6", stretches and for CX-3 Seat it was tied to Mazda's metal rod under the seat (premium models with electric seats will be different, just have to 'wing it' depending on your seat. On the Mazda CX-3, keeping headrest just slightly raised, pocket just barely covers shoulder of the seat back- does what it's supposed to, anchoring cover to seat. Just be glad the Leader Cover DOES have something at cover bottom, which is VERY useful for holding bottom of cover to your seat.
NOTE: As mentioned in another review, IF your head rest adjusts AND on highest setting, then Length of this Cover may become a problem. This reviewer does not consider length to be an issue,
YES wider would be nice and Longer would be nice, all of which would come at a COST, raising price beyond what many or most would like to pay; personal opinion would be keep as is and ADD additional 'Covers' as market dictates.

FIRST IMPRESSION: The overall size, thickness of materials, and Quality of fit n finish meets this reviewer's expectations for the money.
(a) Towel side is Average like medium weight bath towel, <Company take note; this customer would have paid more, up to 15-20% more for HEAVIER PLUSHER towel <or do as Deluxe Version>.
(b) Width of Cover for CX-3 seats is almost exact match, covering SUV seat top from edge to edge. Non Issue for this Buyer; however, suggestion to Leader Access, Cover could be a little wider to encompass a wider range of car seats <or again, have in Deluxe Seat Cover>.
(c) Rubber Backing: Waterproofing has NOT been tested, working on assumption the seat cover IS waterproof and will update Review later, should this assumption prove false. Thickness of backing is in line with thickness of the towel half of this seat cover. Rubber dimples are part of rubber backing and appear to function as intended= in first week and couple trips around town, Seat Cover does NOT slide around when getting in and out of car. (noting only 'tie down' used is POCKET OVER HEADREST and the SINGLE ELASTIC STRAP TIED at seat bottom.
d) No indication that color for bottom side rubber will 'TRANSFER' to the casr seats Also, rubber doesn't appear to be abrasive enough to cause damage from wear n tare ,again, only time will tell. REAL important if you have high end car with quality 'Real' Leather covering on interior seats. Again, subjective impression,, do NOT believe this will be a problem. If concerned, recommend contacting manufacturer regarding your concerns (DAMAGE would be expensive, worth time researching, again personal subjective opinion,, this reviewer is a Hard Sell and using on seats of MY new SUV doesn't mean horse dew pucky for your SUV>.

CON: None that are a concern per the review above, Cover arrived timely and condition was equal or better than expected. Good Value for $$$$ spent. Perfect fit for CX-3 and should be close for Honda HRV, Subaru Crosstrek which are VERY close in feature and size.

CLOSING REMARK: This Cover was worth the money; getting away from 'beach towels' formerly used in Miata which carried over to the CX-3 due to PU Leatherette seat material (black) which was noticeably warmer than Miata's Black Cloth Seats- especially on top down drives. When compared with cost of Sheepskin, some other costly seat covers, even 'cheap' seat covers', AND COMPARED TO USING BEACH TOWELS, this Cover is PERFECT, having all features looked for in a cover to protect new car's seats. Comfortable, NOT pain in A_ _ to use, and easy on the finances. YES- recommend to any and all, subject to reading remarks per above............. FREE INFO IS ALWAYS, WORTH WHAT YOU PAID FOR IT. ........................ davzway
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