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October 3, 2016
- Waterproof all the way. All ports are covered so there is no fear of them being submerged in the dirt.
- Design itself has smoother edges and overall has a professional feel.
- Voice command that beeps when you speak one of the 12 commands. It also takes into account your accent if you’re in the U.S, UK, AUS, etc.
- GPS for tagging your exact locations on where you've filmed
- Built-in touchscreen that is now 100 times easier to pick the settings you want in a faster / efficient rate.
- One button for recording, no extra steps involved.
- 4K video at 30 fps as well 2.7K, 1440p, 1080p, 960p, 720p, and even 480p resolutions. Overall, a beautiful / image sharp experience when watching what you’ve filmed (One of the best out there).
- Higher resolution sensor than any of its counterparts.
- Brilliant brightness and color contrast when low lighting becomes an issue at sunrise or at night time.
- As usual, you’ll get all the extra filming opportunities that most GoPros provide.
- Video stabilization works extremely well when your GoPro is bumping up and down.
- Battery is not built in; you can swap batteries when you need to.
- Incredible wind noise reduction. It’s built in stereo will hold its ground when you’re facing almost any windy / crazy loud events.
- No need to buy any other accessories to change the setting; watch what you just filmed, and so forth because this GoPro is all in one.

Cons and Oks:
- Battery is 2 hours; this sucks because you’ll most like need to buy extra batteries to have a full day with it.
- There is a lag when using the touchscreen. Swiping down on the touchscreen does become a little challenging, lagging wise.
- The touchscreen is also a great battery killer.
- Voice commands only work if you say the “EXACT” phrasing or else nothing will happen, better off using the screen.
- Charging time I got was around 45 minutes.
- Connecting with a smartphone is a little difficult. Can’t find a reason why it just happens a lot for my iPhone 6.
- GoPro is being pretty aggressive on making you use their apps when you want to see your videos on the computer. I don’t care for it and personally, I’ll like to just say no thank you and move on. It’s hard to do that every time you want to edit or view your videos on the computer, especially if I don’t have the internet sometimes.

You can go both ways on this because this GoPro will not fit all needs. It’s a good GoPro but it’ll really depend on why you need a GoPro. Waterproof, GPS tracking, built-in touchscreen are some great perks when getting this as we now live in a smartphone world where these three perks are now in our everyday life. The video and sound quality are beautiful but the battery life, I believe, is going to be a deal breaker for many of you. If you snowboard, sailing, mountain biking, and any other outdoor actives that revolve around the natural elements then this is going to be something you’ll use. I’m giving it four stars because this GoPro does offer a lot, but it’s not useful to everyone. If you’re facing the outdoors then yes this will be good (keep in mind, 2 hours of battery). Any other reason, stick to another GoPro. You're going to get 4k of awesomeness filming, but keep in mind that this isn't the only GoPro that can do 4k. Verdict: It depends on what you like to film.

Hopefully, I was a help to you all.

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