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Reviewed in the United States on August 3, 2005
Here is a great example of why a composer should not always play his own music. These pieces by Glass are small jewels, all of them. Minimalistic and extremely melancholical (as only Glass can be) they exert the most effect with a minimum of means and they have become the benchmark for melancholy minimalism (just listen to the soundtrack of Amélie for a beautiful spin-off of Glass' Metamorphosis).

However, Glass is obviously not a great pianist and his playing gets strained (even extremely a-rythmical) when the parts get more difficult to play (rapid figures and contrasting rythms are simply not easy to play). The not very well articulating instrument used in this recording does not help a bit. I feel that for this music to have the best effect it should be played as clean and rythmic as possible and, sorry Mr Glass, this playing does not live up to that expectation.

Ironically, I once saw an interview with Glass in which he complained that conductors often underestimate the difficulty of his music, well, it seems that composer and conductors alike are tarred with the same brush...
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