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November 12, 2017
A psychologist recommended the book and it has been a Godsend. I now know why I had so much trouble in school and in life when it comes to certain things. I am sad that it took me 58 years to understand the learning disability that has affected me my entire life. A previous doctor said I was the most classic case of ADD he had ever seen but did not put me on Ritalin which I know would have helped. I took someone else's Ritalin in my twenties and had never felt so clear before. He put me on Wellbutrin which I had a bad reaction to. I wish he and my therapist at the time could have helped me more when I saw them in 1993. My life could have been so much better. Instead office work and stress was overwhelming at work and I began to have anxiety attacks which are just now being addressed by Dr. Cook from Classical Herbs and Acupuncture who has helped me immensely.
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