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Reviewed in the United States on October 20, 2019
I fell victim to the sexiness of this machine. The bronze color is so pretty, and fit perfectly into my kitchen design. The bronze color added to the cost, but I couldn’t resist the allure; it was love at first sight.
I did read the reviews. Some were good and some were bad. Because I was in awe of the sleekness, and color, I attributed the bad reviews to people who “just didn’t know what they were doing”.
The machine arrived in April. It was even prettier in person! I was ridiculously excited to wash it and get it set up. (Sadly, this was the highlight of my week).
That first pot of coffee in the new machine was so good! Score! Then, the Keurig side. The first few times using it went well. Easy, clean, and easy to clean up. The only disappointment was that, as some reviews stated, the coffee dripped very sporadically which caused a lot of splashing. Drops of coffee were on the counter, the machine, the outside of the mug. Oh well, I decided I could live with that. After all-it was such a pretty appliance!
Then, the first sign of my poor decision making came. A random Tuesday morning. While making one cup, on the Keurig side, grounds fell into the cup and got stuck inside the k-cup compartment. Okay, a mis-step. I assumed I just did something wrong. It couldn’t possibly be my beautiful new machine!
Then it happened again. But worse. Grounds everywhere, coffee splashed everywhere. A k-cup wasted. Again. So, I cleaned up the mess and tried again. This time-no problems. My do-over cup of coffee was fine.
This process of one good cup, one bad cup continued for a few months. Then it became one good cup, two bad cups.
Finally, six months after buying the machine, I had to admit that my judgement was clouded. I allowed the prettyness to overrule my gut after reading reviews.
I cleaned up so many messes of exploded grounds, splashed coffee, wasted k-cups and dirty dishes that I can’t possibly count them all.
Today, I owe all previous reviewers an apology. I brushed off their negative reviews -warning me not to buy this product- by thinking they were just not doing something correctly. It turns out I was the one not doing something correctly. I wasn’t trusting their experiences. Just like a kid or teenager, I had to learn the lesson the hard way. So-I’m sorry random strangers who tried to prevent me from the horrors of this machine disguised as a beauty. I should’ve trusted you. To the other random strangers who’ve given this appliance a two-thumbs up - I’m very happy you’ve had good luck.
The bottom line is - don’t trust beauty over brains, LOL. Save yourself the many troubles and do not buy this product. Cuisinart is usually a trusted brand (in my previous experiences), but this particular product did not hit the mark. In fact, the mark isn’t even in view. Just look at my photos to see that yes, I used the product correctly; yes, I’m an intelligent person; yet the appliance failed miserably. More than once. More than I can count.
So, the hunt begins again for a 2 in 1 coffeemaker/single brew machine. Please, please trust my experience and don’t buy this product. Don’t regress to that teenager who “knew better” and did things anyway, just to learn the hard way. No one’s got time for that. Ha!!
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