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Reviewed in the United States on August 26, 2020
The Modem was very easy to setup and Comcast was even easier. In advance and before the setup I supplied Comcast with the two Mac addresses. The did not work on my PC. I had the PC direct connected to the Modem. I know why it didn't work and will explain in a bit. I went to the Xfinity site on my phone. It has a connection to the mobile carrier. Xfinity web page knew I had a device to provision and in seconds it was provisioned. Except nothing worked.

I now have a better appreciation of link aggregation. I am very much aware this is a modem and NOT a modem/router. Without link aggregation only one device either a PC or Router can be connected to the modem. Otherwise it would be a modem/router. I get that but I still bought this assuming I could add multiple devices to the Modem. Which explains the initial problem I had getting my PC to work. The modem didn't like having all the ethernet ports connected to various devices. I called Netgear and got it up and running by removing all the ports except for the PC and we reset the Modem. Next I removed the PC and connected a four year old Orbi RBR50. It didn't work. I was still on the phone with Netgear and was able to get this working with some assistance. Changes to the Orbi setup fixed the connectivity issue. I also power cycled the modem. My Wifi is definitely faster with this modem but I can't prove it. I didn't run a speed test before changing Modems. Wifi speeds Download = 341 Mbps Upload = 12.1

Overall I am happy with this purchase. It is a future proof purchase because I won't come close to the allowed speeds on this modem.

Orbi RBR50 - No idea or guarantee this fixes all Router Manufacture or Models connectivity to the CM1150V
1. Internet IP Address - Get Dynamically from ISP
2. Set Router Mac address - Use Computer Mac address
3. Domain Name Server (DNS) Address - Get Automatically from ISP

About a week after the purchase the Modem died. All four ethernet lights were on even when I removed the router to it. The power light (red) and globe came on for a second and then shut off. Testing with Netgear proved it was dead. Amazon could not do an exchange. I got a refund. Despite my better judgement I bought it again but this time from BB. This product shipped from Amazon would have taken almost a week. I needed a working Modem. Happy with the refund from Amazon but when it comes to critical infrastructure items I wished Amazon had a better exchange policy.

The Comcast phone and internet worked right away. Around the same time the service dropped. Calling Comcast they had both my old and new modem on file and the Netgear was not active. Not sure why it worked for a week. I recommend not activating the modem using the online xfinity/activation process. Call Comcast to provision the equipment as others have suggested.

***To Netgear - it may be obvious to the network engineers of the world that these are not regular ethernet ports. The package states they are ethernet ports. Technically correct but with a special function. By not being clear on the packaging you are being deceptive. Even the description lends some doubt. "4 Gigabit Ethernet ports (allow 2 LAN aggregation to double wired speeds)" What are the other 2 ethernet ports doing?
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