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Reviewed in the United States on June 30, 2018
Sorry, not sorry, but not a fan. This book is pretty much written by a person who had crisis in their life (as many do) and wrote a whole book of life-advice based on their single experience. This book seems to be heavily influenced by taking what Mark learned from his therapist, based on his personal issues, and transforming that into a set of principles that will somehow act as a cure-all for everyone else's situations...with the word "F*CK added to be cool. This is pretty much a fad that will eventually fade away. Definitely not one of the long-standing classics. Good job to this guy for getting paid on it though. I'd get my money back if I could.

Here are the parts that stick out to me in particular:
1. The writing isn't that great. He drops the f-bomb here and there for emphasis which is attention getting. But if you're adding the f-bomb to writing that is not well developed...well you're just emphasizing poor writing. Personally, I'm not a prude and have no issues with the word. I just didn't think it was effective in this case.
2. This book is not inspirational and there is nothing profound in here that most people don't already learn on their own from life itself when transitioning from late teen years to early adulthood. Waste of time.
3. There are many claims about what psychologists and other experts believe. A lot of "Research shows..." but there are no citations! Ummm, what? How do we know what Mark summarizes is indeed what research shows. Where is the foundation on which the proof points of this book is written?
"Sometime in the 1960s, developing "high self-esteem"-having positive thoughts and feelings about oneself-became all the rage in psychology. Research found that people who thought highly about themselves generally performed better and cause d fewer problems...Grade inflation, for example, was implemented to make low achieving kids feel better...Pastors and minsters told their congregations that they were each uniquely special in God's eyes...Businesses and motivational seminars cropped up chanting the same paradoxical mantra: every single one uf us can be exceptional and massively successful." Really? How about an example or citation of where this was pulled together.

"Numerous professors and educators have noted a lack of emotional resilience and and excess of selfish demands in today's young people...Speakers and professors are shouted down and banned from campuses for infractions as simple as suggesting that maybe some Halloween costumes really aren't that offensive. Schools counselors note that more students than ever are exhibiting severe signs of emotional distress..." Ok. Who? Where? What? When and where are these things happening? Where are the studies, examples, news references? Where is this guy pulling all of this from? My goodness a 5th grader could write a more complete current event report than the content of this entire book! The acknowledgements state "To Michael Covell for being my intellectual stress test, especially when it comes to understanding psychological research, and for always challenging me on my assumptions." Well good job for trying Michael!

"Brilliant business people are often f*ckups in their personal lives. Extraordinary athletes are often shallow and dumb as a lobotomized rock. Many celebrities are probably just as clueless about life as the people who gawk at them and follow their every more." WOW! Stereotype much?
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