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Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2018
Every once in a while, something comes along that makes you realize your housekeeping has a lot to be desired--for me, this was it! I've been so excited to test out the R7070 but have had a tough week with sick kids, pets needing exercise and life in general. I thought why not just charge it, turn it on and figure it all out later.
Without any programming, the POWERbot proceeded to take itself around the house and pick up dirt, pet hair, “wheelchair dirt” and more. At the end of its cycle, I can’t decide if I was in awe or disgust. My husband had vacuumed two days before with our tried and true metal janitorial style vacuum and by quick glance, noticed a little pet hair on our mostly cork floors, but carpets didn’t look too bad. I was WRONG…just see the attached picture of what came off the floor.
I like the unit seems pretty gentle approaching trim as my biggest concern was damaging our woodwork and furniture. While not perfect, exceeds my expectations. I also like that it is fairly quiet for a vacuum. In quiet mode, you can have a conversation with it nearby. I would compare the volume level as less than a car wash and while the dog and cat don’t love it, they will stay in the room while it is running without agitation.
My concerns so far include how to handle getting trapped (managed to get inside a kitchen barstool towards the end of its charge) and how to ensure it gets back to it’s charging base when done. Since my first few attempts have had limited issues with “returning home automatically”.
Eventually will get there as looks super intuitive using the Samsung Connect App I already had on my S7 Edge but wanted to start out with just the “play” button and go from there—no matter the method of remote, phone or button on the front of the vacuum, they all just work without my having to do anything but start. If I change my mind mid-process, just hit the home button and just as easily it stops and goes back to charging. Also, looking forward to connecting to NEST, Amazon Echo, Google Home and IFTT to see how they all interface. So far, not sure I can give this up. And, as an added bonus, I am vacuuming now as I am writing this review!

What I like:
• My house is cleaner than ever
• My dust allergies have stopped bothering me
• It saves time and doesn’t tie me to the vacuum cleaner
• Intuitive even when there is a problem—a shoelace got stuck in the vacuum and it stopped itself to wait. A code came up on the display, but even better, I just opened the app on my phone and it told me the problem in words so I could fix in seconds
• Hair is picked up for both pets and myself (think long as in to lower back) and easy to get rid of---I used to clean roller multiple times per use and now it is just once a week and takes minutes
• My wall trim and furniture looks the same after vacuuming as before—no dings and gets right to the edges
• It runs and then takes itself back to recharge without me having to do anything
• Dust/hair collection doesn’t require a bag and takes seconds to empty
• It is not disruptive to other household activities while running for the people or pets
What could be better:
• It’s an expensive initial investment
• On vacuum, the display has codes that have to be looked up either in manual or in-app (still easy)
• I’ve realized there are some pretty disgusting things on our floors
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