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May 17, 2019
Update: The entire process took about 14 days, but I did receive a replacement mouse under the two-year warranty for the item. I am not sure what happened to my prior mouse; it could have been used as I didn't inspect it closely for fingerprint smudges or tampering. Make sure that you do your due diligence regarding that inspection.

Ultimately, Logitech did the right thing and sent me a new mouse under the warranty program. Other than the failure of the prior G502 Mouse I had purchased, this mouse is the best I have used to this date. I hope it doesn't spontaneously burn out after the warranty period ends.

This mouse was fantastic. The key word is: was. After owning this mouse for a total of two months, it is no longer fantastic. The mouse died on me without explanation. There is no conceivable reason for it having done so. It just suddenly connected and disconnected to my PC randomly before refusing to connect or power on ever again.

I tried multiple USB ports. I tried everything. Other mouses work. This one does not work anymore. And, unfortunately, it died before I could return it.

Here is a description of exactly what happened and my diagnostic attempts to correct the problem: "The mouse suddenly and inexplicably began intermittently turning on and off disconnecting and reconnecting from my PC. The lights on the mouse were erratic and not working properly. The mouse connected for a few minutes but the laser tracker was not functioning on the bottom of the mouse. It would not work. I tried all the USB ports. None worked for the mouse. I tried a new mouse. The new mouse worked perfectly fine in the same USB ports. The problem was with the G502 Hero mouse that suddenly died after I unplugged it the first time to try another port. It never turned on again and remained disconnected. Something short-circuited inside the mouse; it is a hardware issue."

I will update this review should Logitech do the right thing and make good on their warranty.
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