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Reviewed in the United States on December 10, 2018
I purchased the E8 headphones (orange) because I travel for work and often work in open office situations. I have used them for two weeks now and I LOVE them! I really wanted nice, noise cancelling headphones, but did not want to pay the steep price for some of the better known brands. The price point for the quality is about right, and I am very satisfied with the purchase!

Initial test:
I have used "Eyes Shut" by Years and Years to test the audio quality of every audio device I've purchased.
When I first tested the headphones, I had to adjust the equalizer on my phone, but once I added bass the audio quality was amazing. The full range of audio coming from the set gave me an immersive experience. I listened to them in my home, so it was already fairly quiet, but once I switched to the active noise cancelling, I knew they would be clutch on the airplane.

When I flew for the first time with the headphones, I fell asleep immediately due to the noise cancelling. It took me awhile to get used to a sleeping position to rest my head, but once I fell asleep, the headphones did not bother me at all. I really like that you can adjust how the pads rotate for the headphones to sit on your ear, and so I could find the right fit for them. The headphones drowned out the ambient noise from the flight which was great! I woke up before landing, but kept my eyes closed. The flight attendant shouted “sir” a few times before tapping me to lift my seat up - I swear I couldn’t hear them!

I had a fairly busy week, so I wanted to focus at my desk. I had a coworker who needed to ask me questions throughout the day, and she had to actively wave/poke me before I would notice she needed help. Obviously, if I hadn’t been listening to music I could have heard her, but the music + active noise cancelling really adds up.

I have yet to have a problem with losing charge throughout the day, and had them all from takeoff on the plane to end-of-day at the office!

I haven’t used the mic function yet (these are more for audio), so I can’t review on that, but will edit my review if I do end up using them.

Overall, great purchase!
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