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Reviewed in the United States on April 6, 2019
In use since November 2018
First robotic vacuum

The greatest danger to this vacuum cleaner in my household are my children and their toys, and so far the toys are the only thing that have caused any interruption to operation. My home is smaller, but has complexity in layout. So far the lidar system has operated flawlessly, particularly the no go zones I have designated. I love that I do not have to lay out any "walls" like other products.

Alexa integration is simplistic, but it's one less button to have to physically push. The app gives you more functionality. Once your floor had been mapped out, it is easy to spot clean a specific zone via the app.

Setup was easy. I've had no problems with Alexa integration or app use using the US servers in comparison to some other reviews. However, I do have some issues with the vacuum cleaner disappearing from my android (Note 9) app and having to jump through some hoops to get it back. I'm not sure if that is an android only problem.

My wife and I are amazed by how much the vacuum picks up, but wouldn't say that it really "deep cleans" compared to our Dyson. However, it does a more than adequate job between our hardwood floors and carpet. The mop function should only be used for light touch up, don't expect much. However, overall it saves us time, our young children are more willing to pick up their toys so "Dusty" can clean (yes, we named it), and our floors are cleaner on a regular basis than if it was just left up to us. Ultimately, my wife is satisfied, and so am I. I know you're not technically supposed to buy such a thing as a gift for your wife, but with the busyness of multiple little ones it was much appreciated and I hit it out of the ballpark thanks to the quality of the Roborock S5.
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